Who We Are

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Let our team bring you the best in web design, development, SEO and all things web.

We're a married couple who loves to design websites for individuals and small organization that have unique needs. Between us we've been designing websites for over two decades. Combine that with 5 ½ college degrees, and you've got two experts waiting to bring your online dreams to life!


Cousett Hoover

Code Artist

Cousett is a full time Ph.D. student in Learning Technologies at the University of Texas at Austin. She is combining her love of computers and Bachelors in Computer Science with a passion for education.

By day, Cousett works to maintain the business and is preparing for a new addition to our family. In her (little) free time Cousett contributes to the WordPress and Drupal communities and develops PHP applications with Ryan.


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Ryan Hoover

WordPress Ninja

By day, Ryan is a Senior Web Developer for WP Engine, a WordPress hosting company. By night, Ryan writes WordPress plugins and PHP applications for the WordPress online community.

Many moons ago, Ryan got a Bachelors degree in Computer Science. Half a decade ago, he finished a Ph.D. in Technical Communication. That means that Ryan has a rare combination of technical and personal skills.


Alex Hoover