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Torque Toons takes a stab at the new Gutenburg Editor. Curated from Torque Toons: Battle For Net Neuatrality What are your thoughts on the new editor? Have you read any reviews or seen any videos on the new editor coming to a WordPress installation close to you soon?  

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Add DC Sites to Stripe Account

How to add DC Sites as a team member so we can configure WooCommerce. Video Overview This is a video overview highlighting the same steps as below. Dashboard Menu From the Dashboard menu go into your business settings. Business Settings Menu In the Business settings menu select the second menu item called Team. Team In…

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Sometimes it is hard to decide between and They are actually very different even though they share software and a name. Here is a great infographic from WP Beginner that highlights some of the changes.

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Beaver Builder vs. X Cornerstone

Today I want to compare two builders available out in the WordPress world. I have fairly substantial experience with both and want to share my thoughts. These are my thoughts only. Where to Buy Beaver Builder is available on the WordPress repository and available at a cost on their website ($99/ $199 / $399). The…

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WordPress 4.8 Coming to a Blog Near You

WordPress 4.8 is rumored to be a major update especially in the UI of widgets and post editing. This is the 3 basic features this new version of WordPress will introduce: An improved visual editor experience, with a new TinyMCE that allows you to navigate more intuitively in and out of inline elements like links.…

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Happy Birthday WordPress!

WordPress just celebrated a birthday! The open source software that we have come to love and depend on is merely a teenager (which in software years is very old!) at 14 years old. Since it’s first release by Matt on May 27, 2003, WordPress, the community and extended family has managed to accomplish a lot. This…

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