Set Up Access Codes for Volunteers

Square allows the store owner to set up access codes that will allow multiple individuals to log into the Point of Sale app to process purchases.

Video Overview

This video goes through the steps on the square dashboard to set up the access codes.

Square Dashboard

Navigate to to create new “devices”. Click on the Create Device button.

New Device

On the following page create a nickname for the “device”.

Device Code

A unique code will be created that can be used to log into the square app.

Code Sent to Phone

Optionally you can email or send the code to the device that will be using it simply by entering that information.

Square Point of Sale App

In the Square Point of Sale App click on the Sign In button.

Use a Device Code

Instead of entering an email and password, click on the Use a Device Code link below the login area.

Device Code

Enter the device code that was emailed or sent by text or that was generated in the previous steps. Click on the Sign In button once the code has been entered.